Are you hoi oligoi? →

  • Do you know the power of Proust’s macaroon?
  • Do you know what happened at 51 Gordon Square?
  • Have you seen the inscription of R.Mutt 1917?
  • Do you know what R.U.R. stands for?
  • What would happen if Tesla rubbed shoulders with Bartók?

If you can answer these questions, then maybe you are hoi oligoi after all. If that is the case I want you to help me create a new card game for the elite. A game designed for the minority. No more ‘fun for all the family’ unless you are a family of genius eccentrics.

The Dashing Set is a card game for the early 20th Century, where one competes to gather the most influential group from the dazzling and beautiful things of the 1920′s and become the pinnacle of the scene; the origin of the media darlings. Battling the ups and downs of social etiquette, pauperism, Bedlam and laudanum to triumph as the most Dashing Set there is.

I am looking for play testers. Contact me if you are interested, answering the questions above. 

Stage One: I have a list of 1,100 names that need to be rated and checked. 

Stage Two: I will gather the results of stage one and create a play test deck from the combined names. Providing to each chosen member of the play test group a complete set with the first draft rules.

Stage Three: I will refine and incorporate all the rules and curiosities into a singular and purposefully snobbish card game.

Stage Four: If I can make a final, beautiful and illustrated deck then every one in the play test group will get a copy.